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Get to know the Savoy


Discover the new Hotel Savoy! Book directly through our website and save CHF 10.00 per night on our regular rate.

Savoy Special


If everyone wants to go high up and there are congestions on the hiking trails in the mountains, then the right moment has come to book the new Savoy Special. On your arrival, a Bernese welcome drink awaits you, our hiking booklet and snacks for on the way are also provided.
You are not a hiker - no matter! You may still enjoy this special offer, as almost all the destinations and points of interest in our hiking booklet can be reached by public transport, which is even free with the BernTicket.

The Savoy Special includes:
-2 nights incl. breakfast
-Bernese welcome drink
-Savoy hiking booklet with three exciting hikes
-Filled rucksack with snacks for on the way
(possible for stays from July)

We are looking forward to your visit and your stories to our hiking tips!