Guided tours of Bern for all ages


From the city's top places of interest to its secret little alleyways – book one of a host of guided tours of Bern and listen to amusing anecdotes and fascinating facts all about the Swiss capital.

The varied guided tours offer a special way to explore the city – with plenty of entertainment and excitement. Take a look at the most popular guided tours of Bern.


UNESCO Stroll Through the Old City: a classic guided tour of Bern


Famous people from history, including Albert Einstein, Friedrich Dürrenmatt and Paul Klee, once wandered through the city's famous arcades and enjoyed the unique atmosphere of Bern's old town. On the UNESCO Stroll Through the Old City, you can explore the twisting alleyways, Baroque buildings and landmarks in the medieval district.

This guided tour of Bern is packed with historical highlights and lasts around 90 minutes, taking you on a journey around the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Wander along delightful cobbled streets from the late-Gothic cathedral (Münster) to the Bundeshaus (Federal Palace), past the Chindlifrässerbrunnen (child-eater fountain) by the Kornhaus and on to Bern's oldest city gate, the famous Zytglogge clock tower.

Be sure to take an empty bottle with you to fill up with fresh water from one of the many drinking fountains so you can enjoy a real taste of Bern!

Good to know: You can combine the UNESCO Stroll Through the Old City with the Zytglogge tour.


Zytglogge tour in Bern


The clock tower is Bern's most iconic landmark and it's impossible to imagine the city without it. Crowds congregate five minutes before the hour to watch the Zytglogge's medieval mechanical figures, including a procession of dancing bears, a jester and a crowing cockerel. But what do the figures stand for? And what secrets are concealed behind the thick walls of the medieval clock tower? 

You'll find out the answers to these questions and more on the Zytglogge tour, which lasts just under an hour. On the tour you can explore the inside of the tower with its heavy wooden beams and medieval clockwork mechanism. You'll also find out intriguing facts about the movements of the mechanical figures, the astronomical calendar clock and the fascinating history of the Zytglogge.

The action-packed tour finishes off with a climb up the 130 steps to the viewing platform. At the top you'll be rewarded with wonderful views of Bern's old town with its ridged rooftops, little towers and chimneys, and may even catch a glimpse of the far-off peaks of the Bernese Oberland mountains.


Guided tours of Bern for families


Are you planning a family day out to explore the Swiss capital with your children? The following guided tours of Bern are specially tailored to younger visitors and are guaranteed to keep boredom at bay.


Children's guided tour for young explorers


Head off on this guided tour with your children to discover the old town's beautiful buildings as well as fun details such as the decorative figures on the fountains and a haunted house that is shrouded in legend.

The kids' tour of Bern starts off at the legendary BearPark, home to three brown bears which enjoy a very special status as the heraldic animals of Bern. The walk heads through narrow streets and hidden spots to the famous Zytglogge clock tower. The city's history is explained in a playful way, giving away a few secrets – such as why the city's Stadtbach stream suddenly flows uphill, and why the ancient unit of measurement in Bern was the "Schwein" (pig). An unforgettable experience for young and old!


Spooky guided tour


The city of Bern is famed for its little alleyways, arcades and breathtaking buildings. Looking back at the city's centuries of history, it's no surprise that Bern also has a spooky side that is packed with ghost stories and chilling tales. 

The Spooky Bern for Kids tour takes these as its theme, guaranteeing goosebumps. On the one-hour guided tour, courageous kids will find out why you can hear mysterious footsteps in Brunngasse and what happens in Bern at the witching hour. As well as tales of ghosts and creepy creatures, the children can listen to other city legends, such as the story of the giant who put the loop in the Aare or about the secret hiding place of mermaids and dragons.