Bern's top insider tips


From the city's tastiest cake to the statue that follows you with its eyes: We've put together a selection of insider tips that are generally only known to Bern's locals. If you're visiting Bern, you should definitely pay the following places a visit.


Bern's impressive railway bridge

Measuring over a kilometre in length, the railway viaduct was built between 1937 and 1941. It consists of four sections – the Schützenmatt viaduct by the station, an arched bridge, a supporting wall on the northern slopes of the Aare and the valley viaduct. An average of 50,000 trains cross over it annually – a great reason not to miss Bern's historical railway bridge.

Kornhausbrücke bridge

The Kornhausbrücke in Bern is supported by robust obelisks of Jura limestone and serves as a link to the city centre. In good weather, you can enjoy superb views of Bern and the far-off Alps. At the Zytglogge clock tower you can either turn left towards the Kursaal or right towards the museum and diplomatic district.


Drinks for a good cause

At the Dead End in Bern, you won't be left high and dry any time of the day or night. The private club on Neubrückstrasse has a unique character, great programme of events and heavenly cocktails. It also funds 20 beds in the Sleeper emergency shelter, which is right above the club, as well as running a street kitchen where homeless people can purchase a meal for five Swiss francs.

Café Apfelgold

Located at the far end of the Länggass district, Café Apfelgold is heaven for anyone who loves cake, coffee and books. Sample sweet treats to your heart's content, including almond tart with caramel cream and lemon tartlets baked to original French recipes. It's no surprise that the pastries and cakes at Café Apfelgold are deemed the city's best and that the café is one of Bern's insider tips. The drinks menu has a choice of over ten different types of cider made in Switzerland – including the café's own Edition Apfelgold, a refined creation made of Boskoop, Surgrauech, Berner Rosen and Bohnapfel apples.


The Gurten – activities for the entire family

At 858 metres above sea level, Bern's nearest mountain, the Gurten, offers visitors a natural paradise and an abundance of leisure activities that adults and children alike are sure to love. How about a long bike ride, some star-gazing at the observatory or a gourmet meal at one of the many restaurants?

For children, the play area on the Gurten is a special highlight: More than 20 attractions, including a 300-metre-long marble run, a miniature train and a summer paddling pool, await adventurous kids. The 22-metre-high viewing platform also offers breathtaking panoramic views of the city of Bern and the snow-capped Alps.

Moments of indulgence at Länggass-Tee

Delve into the history of tea: The tea specialist and café in the Länggass district is, without a doubt, one of the top insider tips in Bern where you can sample the finest quality teas from all over the world. Head upstairs to the delightful tea room and treat yourself to authentic high tea with little delicacies.

Each Saturday the tea house offers a legendary breakfast which is always booked out quickly thanks to its huge popularity. In the shop on the ground floor, you can purchase 400 different varieties of Länggass tea and even be instructed in the art of the Japanese tea ceremony.

Loubegaffer statue

You'll find the Loubegaffer right in the middle of Bern railway station. The cult statue always looks passengers in the eye, whatever direction they're coming from. The Loubegaffer was created by Bernese artist Sandro Del-Prete: While studying Art in Florence, he found an ancient book which mentioned statues that can follow you with their eyes – and was inspired by this secret to create one of the most popular insider tips in Bern.

Loebegge – the cult meeting point

Loebegge, the corner outside Loeb, is more than just the entrance to Bern's most famous department store: It has long been the place to meet up in the city for some leisurely shopping, a coffee or simply a chat. Up until 2007 there was even a telephone that you could ring if you were running late. Around Loebegge, you'll find restaurants and cafés serving a wide choice of lunches, evening meals and brunches.

Friday nights at the Seemannsbar

All hands on deck! The Seemannsbar (Sailorsbar) in Bern is tucked away in a basement on Gerechtigkeitsgasse and is only open on Friday evenings. Indulge in incredibly cheap drinks and soak up a unique atmosphere blended with the smell of machine oil and beer. But watch out – if you ring the bell at the entrance, you'll have to buy everyone a round.

Spooky stories at Bern's haunted house

Bern's haunted house can be found at Junkerngasse 54. It once allegedly served as the mews for the nearby Von-Wattenwyl-Haus and was never lived in. According to legend, the house is mainly haunted by female ghosts and, rumour has it, that there is a secret passageway that leads down to the Aare. Goosebumps are guaranteed for all ages.

Fun at Bern's Weyerli pool

The Weyermannshaus swimming pool, dubbed "Weyerli" by locals, is located in Bern-Bethlehem. The complex boasts the biggest outdoor pool in Switzerland, with a main pool measuring 16,000 square metres, as well as an indoor pool, restaurant and ice rink. Bern's Weyermannshaus is a fun day out for all the family!

Bern's Stadtbach stream

Bern's Stadtbach breaks all the laws of physics: In the lower part of Gerechtigkeitsgasse in the old town, the stream appears to flow uphill. The effect was achieved by clever locals using a sophisticated system of loops. The rest of the stream is mostly enclosed in a pipe.